My name is George Bellace and I am a photographer.

Since a young boy, photography has been a passion for me, routinely “borrowing” my father’s 35mm Hanimex and shooting roll after roll of black & white film.  Eventually my father bought a new camera for himself, since he never got to use his.  Today, I still have that old Hanimex.  As karma would have it, it’s my son who “borrowed” my old digital camera and left me needing another for myself.

Over the past 35 years, my passion for photography has been a fervent hobby.  For the better part of those years, people have asked me why I didn’t take this passion further.  In 2011, that time had come, allowing me to truly share the joy photography brings me, with others.

Bellace Photography is a family business.

- My wife is not only my business partner, she is my motivation.  She's a great project manager (and realtor) who keeps the business side of things in check.  Without her this would still be nothing more than a hobby.
- My oldest son works as a second shooter, assistant and creative consultant.  He has a great eye for photography and has a way of seeing things with a fresh young perspective.
- My daughter is my biggest cheerleader. She helps to market the business and occasionally assists on location shoots.  She keeps me smiling.
- My youngest son is too young to really help on the business end... so he helps out by being my model.  He's such a ham!